how to fix side stand switch

To do this, unplug the switch that is the kickstand safety switch. There will be two electrical tabs in this, stick a screwdriver in them to remove the wires from each side. Pull the socket switch up out of the shell base to expose enough of the switch to reveal the two wires attached to it. Rubber compatible grease is specially formulated to provide protection against corrosion and lubrication around the rubber seals found on pneumatic and hydraulic components such as pressurised air hose couplings and lift ram and suspension or fork seals. The stand is not compatible with Nintendo Switch Lite. It also might not be the side stand switch. With the kickstand out, place the Nintendo Switch on a solid surface like a table. Since the side stand relay works by essentially shorting the TCI any open in the circuit (broken wire, bad connection, missing relay etc.) It's a bit of a pain getting in at the two screws, as they engage downwards leaving little room for working between the switch and the underside of the engine. The Haynes manual says that if the switch is found to be faulty it should be replaced. With the plunger out, the circuit should be complete (impedance - zero). The ignition module is a component of the safety switch circuits, and will not operate unless certain safety switch conditions are met. No, it's a proximity switch - the sensor and the side-stand don't physically touch. Here's the know-how on the kickstand safety system, commonly found on bikes. Gently flip open the stand located at the back of the console until it clicks into place. Nintendo Switch reset ... you risk wearing down on the stand… All rights reserved worldwide. Finally, test it by starting the bike (on its centre stand with the side stand still retracted), engaging first gear and then moving the side stand out. For more assistance, see Start & Ignition Schematic.pdf. Isn't the > other switch in this system the neutral switch - then with the side stand > out and working properly verifiable with a multimeter would not command and > control be passed to the neutral switch and if the neutral switch and light > were fluttering would not the engine too. Disconnect the connector behind the left side panel and thread it down from behind the engine. 5-minute-repair. All the same, it might be prudent to keep the piece of wire you used to jump the connections (if you did) handy in your tool roll, on the off-chance it goes wrong again. When the side stand is down, the side stand switch creates an "open" circuit so the bike won't run. for example when the side stand switch goes down it turns on when the side stand switches up the light goes off should I be able to just splice in or tap into the side stand safety switch ? PC and laptop screens become stuck when a key command is accidentally pressed, the display settings are changed, or the device is connected to an external display. Ideally, the bonnie should be on its centre stand and with the side stand fully retracted (to take any pressure of the switch plunger), though it is possible to remove and test the switch with it on its side stand. If you just clip the wires, the bike thinks the kickstand is down. We'll show you how to add the switch so you don't have to reach under the lampshade to flip on the light. And that's all there is to it. Undo the connector. However, there is a small, flat metal plate on the 2008 side-stand which covers the face of the sensor (witout touching it) when the side-stand is retracted. Nintendo Switch Family, Nintendo Switch. My old Switch had a SUPER loose kickstand and a super tight game cartridge flap. BMW has available replacement bushings, etc., for the side-stands. Games are property of their respective owners. This increases the bulk and weight of the stand and would probably require stronger springs to keep the stand from banging off-road. Do this a few times around the seal and then pump the plunger in and out a couple of dozen times. When doing so, you might need to put the screws through a thin washer to allow them to tighten the switch block more securely into place (on mine, it seemed slightly loose when I undid the screws initially). Check the manufacturer's pin data for the fuel injection Electronic Control Module (ECM) side stand switch connection terminal. Sometimes it fires up, but it got so bad now that I can only start the bike in neutral. While the stand is removable, it is not meant to be removed repeatedly. Gently flip open the stand located at the back of the console until it clicks into place. The start circuit. I tried grounding the green wire that normally goes to the switch to the frame of the bike and that didn't work. The one I'm using now has a loose cartridge flap and a super tight kickstand. Website design by. After it has started freeing up a bit, repeat the last step. Any ideas? Then remove the switch from the underside of the bike with a T30 torx bit held by a small pair of mole grips or a pair of pliers (you could get away with using a 4mm allan key at a push - but be careful not to strip the screw). If the switch is working, the engine will start and run in first gear then cut out as you press the plunger. How to Repair a Table Lamp Switch. I don't know how much a new one costs but fixing it is really pretty simple. * Note: With normal grease, rubber can absorb some of the chemicals from it which causes the rubber to swell and become brittle over time, leading to a breakdown of the seal. I have a 2005 BMW K 1200 S love this bike I would like to have a light activated by the sidestand switch. Side-stand switch. Gently but firmly hold the stand from the side that attaches to the console, then carefully pop it off to the side. Removed it without taking the springs off, beat it to the ground with the open end until it fit tightly, mounted the spring and the swingarm in this order - back again. First, if you haven't already, find the side stand switch connector. If the shell doesn’t budge, push the end of a screwdriver between the base of the socket and the side of the shell and then pull the shell up and off the socket base. Place the Nintendo Switch on a solid surface. If your favorite lamp no longer comes on when you turn the switch, or comes on and then goes off again, you don't have to throw it out and buy a new one. A bike can be started: in neutral with the side stand down and the clutch out Make turning lamps on and off easier by installing an in-line cord switch. Your browser either does not have JavaScript enabled or does not appear to support enough features of JavaScript to be used well on this site. Placing the stops further from the pivot point to increase fore and aft stability. Modify the switch pigtail, not the main harness. Install the side-stand before the left front spacer. It seems that many of us are encountering problems with our side stand switches. Squeeze the shell at those points and pull up to remove it. Special tool : 09900–25008 (multi circuit tester set) Tester knob indication diode test () It's easier to work on if you completely remove the switch. Position the stand over the stand slot as shown below, then gently press down until it clicks into place. The side stand switch has not suffered any impact and this just started today. Before removing or replacing the stand, ensure the console is powered off or in sleep mode. Hold the joy-cons in each hand and enjoy. Having established that the switch is working, smear a little rubber compatible grease [*see note below] over the inner seal and replace the rubber outer seal then fit the switch and the connector block back into place. Turn the ignition switch off. Back-probe the correct multiplug pin with the Back-pinning Probe as in Figure 2. The installation is fast, simple and doesn't require any special tools. If you don't have a solid surface to place the Nintendo Switch on, you can sit it on top of a game case. Any advice how to fix this, would be much appreciated. That done, use a narrow needle to lift the inner seal away from the plunger and squirt WD40 (or similar, such as Plus Gas) into the gap. This non-profit site shows some of what I've done that might also work for the T100, Thruxton or Scrambler. Here are some of the problems you might see and how to fix them. Replacing the rotary switch on a floor lamp is a project that even a beginner can complete without difficulty. When the side stand is up, the side stand switch creates a "closed" circuit and the bike will run. You can fix a lamp switch easily. Increasing the strength of the stand to compensate for side to side flex. Clip them close to the connector, but give yourself a little room because you now have to strip the wire insulation off the wires and twist both wires together. Place the console on a soft, flat surface with the LCD screen facing down. There is also a little bit of play in how the switch sits, so position it such that the tip of the plunger angles as far towards the front of the bike as possible to prevent the lug on the side stand pushing it sideways rather than inward as it should (surprisingly, this does actually make a difference to how smoothly the side stand moves out). You need to raise the tank. Ensure that a good connection is made through to the wire or terminal and the probe has pierced through the wire and plug insulation. Applies to:  Next, connect these two loose wires with electrical tape, then test your bike to see if it's connected properly. It's not always clear where the fault may lie until the circuit is tested, though the chances are the side stand switch itself will be the culprit. Side Stand Switch Problem. It is inadvisable to use any other type of grease for such applications. Get the side stand up, bike in first gear, pull the clutch in twice, and hit the starter button, then bugger all. No great shakes as it stands, but I'd like it to expand and evolve as my time and limited knowledge allows. With the plunger in, the circuit should be interrupted (impedance - total). Follow the wire up from the stand switch to the white connector. I've had a great time modifying my Triumph Bonneville to how I like it. Clip the two wires on the SWITCH SIDE of the connector. When you've worked the WD40 down into the switch mechanism, test it with an impedance meter attached to the connector. Just two days ago I caught my side stand before he could scratch my swingarm. A misaligned console can rub against the dock’s side and scuff up the ... if you want a more fashionable fix. A collection of Triumph Bonneville related hints, tips, musings, images and links ranging from the banal to the mildly interesting. Need to remove your kickstand? For the sake of a little pottering about, you can save yourself the cost of a new switch and learn a little bit more about the bonnie. The side stand switch is also wired into the clutch safety circuit to keep the starter from cranking with the side stand down and the motorcycle in gear. Fix a lamp switch to avoid a costly lamp replacement. With all the dirt off the switch block, remove the rubber outer seal from around the plunger and clean the inner seal. Note: There is a stand located at the back of the Nintendo Switch console which allows you to play in tabletop mode. Online repair process for liquid damage; Online repair process for physical damage; For all other issues: In order to find your best repair option, we need to find out exactly what kind of problem your system is experiencing. It's to the inside of the left frame rail, above the sprocket cover, zip tied to part of the harness. Anyone found a decent fix for the kick stand not staying closed? If I turn the key off, and then back on again to start in neutral, and kick it into second, sometimes it fires up. Often, we may have to put up with running the risk of either grounding out on the side stand (having jumped the side stand switch at the connector behind the left side panel) or riding around with the neutral light on permanently (after bypassing the neutral switch instead). Bike cutting out when in gear? Copyright © 2008-2020 Keef's Bonnie Page. To get this switched power ? will disable the ignition kill function. If it still isn't working, try adding some more WD40 and pump the switch plunger vigorously several dozen times and test again. Place each joy-con on either side of the steering wheel not forgetting to use the straps provided to prevent injury. Side stand switch assembly. Pull the connector apart. ... Having been through 2 Switch's it seems to be random. Look in the upper half. The Nintendo Switch is a fantastic console, but it still suffers from some technical issues. Measure the voltage between g and b/w lead wires. With all the dirt off the switch block, remove the rubber outer seal from around the plunger and clean the inner seal. Trace the wires from the sidestand switch up to its connector. If you want to work on the side-stand, off the bike, remove the left side front motor mount stud, and knock it through to at least flush with the engine. That done, use a narrow needle to lift the inner seal away from the plunger and squirt WD40 (or similar, such as Plus Gas) into the gap. Short version. Refer to “exterior parts removal and installation” in section 9d . Disconnect the side-stand switch coupler (1). Take off the left side panel over the battery. It will start after ten minutes of this but it is taking longer each time. If you don't have a meter you can test it by fitting the connector block back into place and starting the bike (still on its centre stand), engaging first gear and then pressed the plunger in. If the screen display on your Windows PC or laptop is stuck sideways or upside down, solve the issue with either a keyboard shortcut or a few mouse clicks.

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