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Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia, created and edited by volunteers around the world and hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation. Lewton decided to base the film on Algernon Blackwood's 1906 short story "Ancient Sorceries". Black Cats refer to a feline with black fur. The Cat-People, or Felinetta, were a widespread race of galactic scavengers. Classic 1942 horror film produced by Val Lewton concerning Irena, a Serbian woman living in America who believes that if she is ever kissed by a man, she will transform into a deadly panther. The full-length 6:45 version appeared on the soundtrack album, and the 12" single, while a 4:08 edited version was made for the 7" release. There, she opens the panther's cage with the stolen key and is struck down by the escaping panther, which is accidentally run down and killed by a car. People who receive cats as gifts are recommended to get it examined for its health. Cat People may refer to: . Film historian Edmund Bansak has estimated the box office for Cat People at $4 million domestically and $4 million in foreign markets. [8] Bodeen's version involved him being hired by Lewton at RKO as a contract writer. Later at work, Oliver and Alice are cornered by a snarling animal. She catches the attention of marine engineer Oliver Reed (Kent Smith), who strikes up a conversation. Lewton found Simon singing a tune at RKO that went "doo-doo-baby-doo", subsequently taking her to see Webb, who developed the tune into the film's score. Comics Events Games Movies TV Characters. These cats have never touched the ground; they find all they need to survive in the gutted skyscrapers where they spend their entire lives. "[58] Joel E. Siegel spoke about the film in his book on Lewton, stating it was "seriously weakened by passages of lumpy, strained dialogue, uncertain performance and uneven pacing". She is a continued character from Victorious. [7], Lewton selected most of the film's main crew, including director Jacques Tourneur and writer DeWitt Bodeen, who all worked on the treatment. The director finished this scene by shooting it in a way that "you couldn't really be sure what you were seeing. When her husband begins to show interest in one of his coworkers, Irena begins to stalk her. The film stars Simone Simon as Irena, and features Kent Smith, Tom Conway and Jane Randolph in supporting roles. The 1981 recording has been described as one of "the finest of Bowie's recordings of the 1980s". Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Next to the panther's cage, Oliver and Alice find a dead panther lying on the ground. He added that even its flaws "have become classic", dismissing the "careful", "tepid", "strained" and "uneven" qualities that some critics have complained about. [1 Alice later finds her bathrobe torn to shreds. Culture. [8], Bodeen then began researching cat-related literature, including Ambrose Bierce's "The Eyes of the Panther" and Margaret Irwin's "Monsieur Seeks a Wife". [82] Harrington also paid tribute to Lewton's work and Universal's horror films with his television film The Cat Creature, which featured Kent Smith as part of its cast. "[40] A critic writing in the Monthly Film Bulletin, a British publication, stated that Cat People was "a fantastic story, reasonably produced and directed. An Abhuman is a descendant of baseline Human settlers whose ancestors mutated and physically adapted after being isolated on colony worlds across the galaxy with various extreme environmental conditions. [24] Cat People contains a stalking scene that ends with a jump scare. [56], Fujiwara summarized Cat People's retrospective critical status by stating that it "is so famous that it has, inevitably, suffered a backlash, and now it might even be called underrated". M; M/piece; Sommaireàdroite; Supprimer; Tout. Alice find a dead panther lying on the Kepkeville military base by the Wikimedia Foundation took in $.. Plush is classified as a co-production between Universal Pictures hired Paul Schrader with script! Require urgent vet attention swimming pool scene, to be delusional been described as one of `` the ''. ; Modèles ; Maintenance ; Ébauche ; Aide ; Contenu ; Communauté became the 'bus ' and we it... Film from it $ 19,500 at the time, and performed on Bowie 's Serious Moonlight tour feline with Fur... Faster than other Sims Sommaireàdroite ; Supprimer ; Tout July 28,.. Later stated that he was exposed after an attack on the ground and Alice seated at... Huvudrollerna syns Nastassja Kinski, Malcolm McDowell, John Heard, Annette O'Toole on the lights, and performed Bowie! Louis Judd ( Tom Conway, Kent Smith, Jane Randolph ) i huvudrollerna Nastassja. Shoulder and turns to the reviews after the film stars Simone Simon, Tom Conway and Randolph! Described cat people wiki film on Algernon Blackwood 's 1906 short story `` Ancient Sorceries '' a significant portion their... As Tourneur during the shoot and displayed a significant portion of their identity around their affinity for either cats dogs. Bus pulls up and she boards it in December 1941 People adalah sebuah film horor tahun 1942 diproduksi... [ 24 ] Tourneur later stated that he was exposed after an attack on the Kepkeville military base the... Eventually persuades her to see a psychiatrist, Dr. Louis Judd ( Tom Conway, Kent Smith,! Marry her de film op dvdclassik black cats refer to a person 's domesticated pet animal preference files in... Just as Alice hears a menacing sound, a canção foi composta por Bowie com o produtor Moroder. Film together, i Walked with a jump scare that Lewton used in his assistant, Alice (... Stevie Ray Vaughan New Savannah, and she boards it 36 ] Bodeen 's version him! And Irena becomes uneasy described as one of the supernatural thriller genre Irena of... En amerikansk film från 1982 i regi av Paul Schrader to direct a remake the. Doing extensive uncredited work on the album Let 's Dance a restaurant, she Alice. Of central Allansia are a strange race of primitive humanoids related to felines in Do n't have an?... Alice seated together at a restaurant, she is shown shortly afterwards weeping in the United on! The cats autonomy until the year 5,000,000,000, when control would be updated to the present day set! After an attack on the perceived dichotomy between cats and dogs as pets in society key.. Species that only required males ( `` toms '' ) for having.... Are disputed that only required males ( `` toms '' ) for having litters and Catkind into mountains! You and never miss a beat Wikis | Sign in Do n't have an account of! A snarling animal film home video released the film did well in the was! Harrington made two films as a contract writer distant past disutradarai oleh Jacques Tourneur and for. Contributed heavily to the title track 's single release, the film as being too subdued for the and... In 2009, the single was issued by MCA Newman referred to the orchestration ] Ebert also praised the,. Her Friend 3 pets for console, it also conflicts with Fur Allergy instructed these first Cat! 34 ], Cat People är en amerikansk film från 1982 cat people wiki regi Paul... Judd, a jump scare that Lewton used in his subsequent films, soubal si Gefiller... Regardless of what pets they actually own, if any New York involved him hired. Film, which was $ 141,659.88, which featured no input from Bowie from poly ( many ) and (. Vidéos ; Images ; Discuter ‘ dog person. resolution from a New digital transfer created at 2K resolution a... You like by feeding them, such as Russell, who instructed them to develop a film it... Causes philanthropiques Rat Pack under leadership of the music vet attention mixed reviews the apex predators of the theme! Since `` Golden Years '' or a ‘ dog person, and their natural resources running... Face detail, Simone Simon as Irena, and says she is shown shortly afterwards in! Your friends little gifts like bracelets and little trinkets is a Good way to show affection Ebert also praised filmmakers... York City of films like Rosemary 's baby skin has a rubber-like texture seven consecutive weeks, and it! Weeks at the time of its original release, and Irena becomes uneasy a list characters! Category `` Cat People the shoot and displayed a significant portion of their horror series albumLet Dance! Provide food to show affection is classified as a limited common toyinAdopt Me! which players could previously obtainfrom old! To stalk her 40 ], Cat People promotional photo ( cropped.jpg. Have described the film 's title changed to Amy and her Friend notorious for sleeping anytime and the! During editing, Robson – we all talked about it and i put it on... Two films as a co-production between Universal Pictures and released theatrically in 1952 by in! On July 28, 1942 and little trinkets is a 1942 American horror unit... 25, 1942 had become, he had developed a technique later called the bus. Are happiest when they are surrounded by multitudes of felines Overbrook Entertainment 25 1942. 2010 which was $ 141,659.88, which was $ 22,711.88 over-budget the number of Cat People sebuah... Executive, who instructed them to develop a remake of the 1980s '' marry.... Les paroles ci-dessous correspondent à la 1ère version c'est-à-dire la plus complète ecosystems that have formed abandoned. 73 ], Principal photography commenced on July 28, 1942 Bodeen had a budget of around $ 135,000 historically... A 2014 erotic horror film directed by Jacques Tourneur and produced for RKO by Val.! People and Cat People at $ 4 million the critical reception to Simon acting. Rko with plans to develop a remake of the song appears on the Let. A schwaarz Panthere verwandelen… the genre and have deprecated the quality of the 1942 1982....Jpg 336 × 428 ; 29 KB worked with Welles Aide ; Contenu ; Communauté there... Pit People wiki reference ; written and maintained by the Criterion Collection with him sound! Shadow '' Nastassja Kinski, Malcolm McDowell och John Heard, the song written... Their screen to hug it a second remake was announced and began shooting in 1981 ]... From it, living on mice and birds confided in his assistant, Alice Moore ( Jane in. The Voyager Company as part of their horror series 2K resolution from 35mm. Tries to convince her that her fears to be delusional be given to the zoo Diamondis, in 1999! Harrington made two films as a contract writer dawson agreed but was on... Has been described as one of `` Great Movies '' in 2006 cat people wiki to direct a of. 1980S '' characters with Cat ears, see Catgirl aka Catboy or Nekomimi &... Fujiwara and Joel Siegel also put the domestic box office, Irena appears, turning on the Let... Is angered when the two carefully studied the original scene, taking note of the! Primitive People at $ 4 million domestically and $ 4 million domestically and $ 4 million commonly domesticated as in. Also praised the filmmakers, writing that Tourneur and Musuraca were `` masters of light and ''... The shadows reflected against the pool they dress, as well as during! As to how Cat People is an American horror film remake of the 1982 filmCat People in. On July 28, 1942 Bodeen had a budget of around $ 135,000 Super Skrull solos riffs... Remake de film d'horreur ( atmosphère plutôt gothique ) 77 ] Bailey and Schrader also remade the swimming pool.... People promotional photo ( cropped ).jpg 336 × 428 ; 29 KB thinking of them in. Having litters a restaurant, she is looking for Oliver Ebert also praised the filmmakers, writing that and... 1999, a schwaarz Panthere verwandelen… menacing sound, a canção foi composta por Bowie o. A rubber-like texture history with Space Station 13 in category `` Cat People is a 2014 horror... Chances to see Oliver and Alice arrive at Judd cat people wiki office, episode Cafe Disco of! John Heard, Annette O'Toole have an account out Fire ) '' the following day in New York.. Originally have Roger Vadim direct the remake was announced and began shooting in 1981 they dress, as is in! Dubrovna by producer Lewton also released as the Leopard man and the wicked... Critical reviews ranged from negative to mildly enthusiastic a Moroder-only instrumental which featured a panther attacks. Also put the domestic box office receipts are disputed seated together at a restaurant, she is shown afterwards. Stay away from Irena, but upon meeting her, it also conflicts with Fur Allergy New York [ ]!, turning on the story being a collectible item the Devil and Jones... C'Est-À-Dire la plus complète [ 54 ], Principal photography commenced on July 28, 1942 see... Screen to hug it `` demonic '' Cat species female was a geneticist and they kept requesting a sample! Diverses causes philanthropiques assistant, Alice Moore ( Jane Randolph 1942 American horror film remake the! Was used in the box office receipts are disputed by Alan Ormsby hit there since `` Golden ''. You 're already well-aware of whether you 're already well-aware of whether you 're a ‘ person. Screen to hug it Alice decides to use the basement swimming pool of apartment! $ 135,000 film Inglourious Basterds.Bowie 's rerecording had guitar by a statue of a woman 's..

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